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Nomex honeycomb

Inconel micro drilling

GFRP Honeycomb

Nomex honeycomb

Nomex Honeycomb

Nomex core honeycomb is widely used in aerospace industries, including aircraft galleys, flooring, partitions, and aircraft sandwich structure.

Aerospace Nomex Honeycomb X Ultrasonic Machining
Instead of crashing the structure immediately, the micro vibration  slightly remove the materials, solving the problem in structure laceration.
HIT Highlight in Nomex Honeycomb machining
1. Reducing chipping-width to 4 times.
2. Effective in various shaping, such as V cut and horizontal cutting.

Nomex machining results comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.
(Comparison between using Non-ultrasonic way and HIT ultrasonic module solution) 

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Inconel Micro Drilling

Inconel is a ideal use in extreme environments such as aerospace and nuclear.The perfect toughness is incredibly hard to work with.

HIT Highlights in Aerospace Inconel Drilling

1.Efficiency enhanced by 30% compared to non-ultrasonic
2.Prolongs toollife

Inconel drilling time comparison bar chart- Hantop Intelligence Tech.
(Comparison of cycle time between non-ultrasonic way and HIT ultrasonic module solution)

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Inconel micro drilling
GFRP Honeycomb

GFRP Honeycomb

The application of GFRP currently used in the aerospace industry for wings, nacelles, and spoilers. Also, it is normally used in architecture and lightweight automobile.

HIT Highlight in GFRP Honeycomb

Not only meeting the customer angular machining qualities, but increases the roughing effcicency by 3 times, and the finishing effcicency can be increased by 2 times.


GFRP machining efficiency comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.
(Comparison of rough milling and fine milling efficiency between using only conventional CNC and side added-on HIT ultrasonic module solution)

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