Hantop Intelligence Tech(HIT) is a startup company supported by the Ministry of Science in Taiwan. We founded on May 9, 2018.  At present, the company has nearly 30 members, and the doctoral staff with a background in science and technology account for more than 60% of the company's employees. Based on the profound research capability and team cooperation, we aimed at providing the most excellent ultrasonic advanced material machining technology and customer experiences.

HIT's main product, the ultrasonic machining module is fully compatible with the conventional CNC spindle and its automatic tool change system. the conventional CNC machine can be easily and quickly retrofitted to mill/drill/grind the super-alloys, composites, ceramics, optical glass, semiconductor materials, and other advanced materials by just simply putting our ultrasonic tool-holders on your automatic tool change magazine.
The ultrasonic machining process can enhance the cut-chip removal mechanism, reduce the cutting force, and lower cutting temperature, the benefits of advanced material machining are the longer tool life, better surface finish, higher productivity, and reducing the occurrence of chipping and micro-crack.
The application includes semiconductor, 5G communication, photoelectric, aerospace and medical, automobile, and precision machining.

In the past three years, HIT has supported our global customers, which spread from the USA, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, South East Asia in various industries including aerospace, semiconductors, medical/healthcare devices, automotive, precision die/mold., to integrated ultrasonic machining module to over 30 machine tool brands. With international experience in various industries, we can point out the challenges and provide precise suggestions to meet your expectations.
HIT Ultrasonic machining module and ultrasonic tool holder

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