Due to the problem of minority, old age and global sustainability, semiconductors, optoelectronics, aerospace, medical equipment, energy, electric vehicles, 3C electronics, precision machinery, etc., will use a large number of advanced materials that are lightweight, harder and resistant to high temperatures in the future. . Therefore, new material processing has become the new blue ocean market of CNC machine tool industry. The future winning point will be high-efficiency and high-quality hard and lightweight advanced material processing technology and equipment, no longer the traditional precision metal cutting technology.   

       HIT is a startup company founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company was founded on May 9, 2018. At present, the company has nearly 30 members, and the doctoral staff with a background in science and technology account for more than 60% of the company's employees. Have strong innovative technology research and development capabilities and teams. Handing is a provider of solutions for new materials processing technology products and systems. The goal is to provide customers with the world's highest CP value of new material processing technology products and best customer experience services.
HIT Ultrasonic machining module and ultrasonic tool holder

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