2019 Hantop at TIMTOS

Hantop Intelligence Tech. presents the Ultrasonic Machining Module for Advanced Material, the new solution.

The introduction to ultrasonic machining module

HIT presents ultrasonic machining module for new material. High speed frequency vibration, non-contact power transmission technology, and flexible applications. We provide high-quality solution for our customers.

2019 application cases of HIT ultrasonic machining module

Faced with the difficulty of processing new materials , Hantop Intelligence Tech. developed ultrasonic machining modules as the best solution.

Silicon Carbide(SiC): micro drilling and parts ultrasonic machining

HIT ultrasonic machining module applications of SiC micro drilling and parts machining Effectively enhance 2 times of efficiency and 3 times of tool life.

Alumina ceramic(Al2O3): micro drilling and parts ultrasonic machining

HIT ultrasonic machining module applications of Alumina ceramic parts machining Enhance 3 times of efficiency, 3 times of tool life Multiple Factors: Efficiency × Tool life And you gain over 9 times of profit simply add-on HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module!

Zirconia ceramic back plate machining

HIT ultrasonic machining application---zirconia back plate machining Both prolongs tool life to 300% and reduces process time to 50%. High frequency vibrations prevent micro-cracks AND enhancing quality. Add on module type can be easily installed on various CNC machine.

New Video--HIT Ultrasonic Machining for Sapphire Curved Surface Machining

Materials: Sapphire Features: Curved Surface Machining Difficulties: Severe Edge-Cracks caused by extreme hardness Tight tolerances quality demands lead to short tool life and low efficiency. Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module:  Enhances 200 % of efficiency compared to Conventional CNC— High Frequency Ultrasonic Vibrations enlarges materials removal rate (MRR)  Maintain quality in hi-efficiency processing Reducing edge-cracks via Lowering the cutting force into each slight vibration For More Details, Welcome to our applications: https://www.hit-tw.com/advantagedetails.aspx?id=121

Hantop Company Introduction Vedio

HIT provides the most efficient ultrasonic machining technology for new materials machining. Our module can be easily installed on your current CNC machine. And with ultrasonic hi-frequency vibrations, the cutting resistance will be reduced 40%, and it could enlarge material removal and enhance efficiency. The video will showcase the development of HIT as well as demonstration of HIT ultrasonic module in SiC drilling. At present, we have provided USM to US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., and validated with 26 clients spread worldwide of various industries including aerospace, semiconductors, medical/healthcare device, automotive, precision die/mold. We also collaborate with world-leading manufacturers in semiconductor fabrication. Welcome to HIT video for more application of ultrasonic technology.