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From researching state to production state, Hantop intelligence products all go through a series of strict regulation process, including electromechanical verifications, machining verifications and more. By the means of verification, not only can assure our product achieved design goals, but to simulate external factors which might affect or downgrade operating performance, effectively increases the RELIABILITY of the product which brings high safety and quality to our customers.


As our products in production, validation is the next stage, Hantop Intelligence provide products to business partners, by continuous heavy duty and long cycle time use, collecting key operating data to product center, which let research team control the product cycle and attain precious external factors from actual operating environment.


Even though Hantop Intelligence product technology is not wide spread in the industrial yet, we provide advisory service, including optimization of customer tool machine and more.



Hantop Intelligence have a group of professional application engineers, if unfortunately, problems occur during use, engineers will immediately schedule visit and replace products at once, to ensure our customer don’t have to halt the production line. Put customers first is our first and only rule.

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