Aerospace & Automotive Optical glass deep hole drilling:

Compared to non-ultrasonic, 1. 8 Times Drilling Efficiency 2. Meets the Customer’s Requirements
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Optical glass deep hole drilling:

Picture of workpeice:
Optical glass deep hole drilling-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Comparison of Material remove rate:

Using HIT ultrasonic machining  module can improved 8 times of efficiency (material remove rate) compared with non-ultrasonic machining.

With HIT ultrasonic machining module can also reach higher standard quality. The clients' tolerance is 0.15mm, and with HIT ultrasonic machining module, the average diameter tolerance is 0.034mm. 

Comparison of material remove rate and average quality-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Machining Data and Comparison:
machining data and comparison with non-ultrasonic machining-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

HIT Ultrasonic Module Highlights:
Compared to non-ultrasonic, 
  • 8 Times Drilling Efficiency 
  • Meets the Customer’s Requirements