Semiconductor Alumina Oxide Hi-efficiency Tapping Processing

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Picture of Artifact:
In this case, our customers have problems in enhancing tool life and efficiency under the quality standard. 1 tool is only available for 20 holes, and the cycle time/ per hole is 4 min 30 seconds.


Machining Parameters:
With HIT ultrasonic machining module, we have supported our customer optimizing parameters with the same rotary speed and tool, improving tool life (20 to 30 holes) & efficiency.( 4 min 30 sec to 2 min 27 sec)
Tool Holder Type HSKE40
Method Non-Ultrasonic HIT
Spindle speed(rpm) 8500 8500
Feed rate(mm/min) 100 250
Depth(mm) 8 8
Tool life 20 20(Still available)
Cycle time(Hole) 4 min 30 sec 2 min 27 sec

Tool Comparison between before and after machining:
Tool wear is unrecognizable after tapping. It’s estimated can tap at least 10 holes.

Comparison of Processing Time
Cycle Time from 4 min 30 sec reduced to 2 min and 27 second.

Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module

In case of using client chosen tool,
  • Reaching clients-accepted quality
  • Efficiency+ 46%
  • Tool life+ 50%, and it is still available at least 10 holes.