Aerospace & Automotive GFRP Milling

In case of using client-chosen tool 1. In the condition of reaching client-accepted quality, Efficiency improved 50 %. 2.Lower Tool Wear
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  • the cutting heat generated by the glass fiber honeycomb processing is prone to change its mechanical properties.
  • Insufficient work piece quality and different weaving methods in raw materials influence the cutting force adjustment.
  • Difficult maintenance and high cost of repairing damaged materials are another pain points to manufacturers.
GFRP Plate Milling Finished Artifects 

HIT GFRP Plate Milling Picture
HIT GFRP Plate Milling Instrument data
ZYGO NewView 8000 Series
1 nm~20000 um
Calibration Time
2019/12(Once a year)
Measuring Time

GFRP Plate Milling Effiency Improvement Graph

With the Same Quality, rare time we need in the use of ultrasonic machining.

HIT GFRP Plate Milling Picture

GFRP Plate Milling  Machined Surface Comparison

More uniformed surface when using HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module.

Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module:
  • Reach clients' quality demands
  • Efficiency+50%
  • Reduce Tool Wear 

GFRP has been normally applied in automobile, aerospace, infrastructure construction since 20 century and shape in different spec in response to various demands, such as GFRP honeycomb machining. 

In this case we will work with GFRP plate milling which is more common in GFRP application. Under the condition in using clients chose tools, HIT ultrasonic machining module had greater roughness and increased the efficiency 50%.