Before & After:
Aluminum Oxide artifact comparison- Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Process Time compared between HIT and Non-Ultrasonic
Aluminum Oxide process time comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Module :
  • 3 times Efficiency
  • 3 times Tool Life 
  • Multiple Factors  Efficiency x Tool Life---Over 9 TIMES  Production Profit !    


To process aluminum oxide, there are three common solutions, and CNC is the most popular way compared to laser machining and water-jet machining. CNC machining bears the advantage of low cost and makes up the lack of low efficiency in massive production, and can be one- time processing to finished artifects. However, the challenges of surface quality and machining precision pay the price in great time consumable and expensive tool costs.
HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module bears the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. With the assistance of high frequency , it can reduce the tool wear significantly. The Z-axis vibration on the tool edge can also be beneficial to cutting removal, which can dissipate the damage that the cutting scrap scratches the machined surface and wear the tools more severely . Unique Non –contact power transmitter designed for the module doesn’t limit the high rotation speed, and it can deal with hard and brittle materials more effectively. 
Aluminum oxide is one kind of high hardness ceramic, and widely used in energy, defense, and aerospace industries. Aside from hardness, the properties heat resistance, insulation and wear resistance make it play an essential in power generator, such as the use for insulators and Exhaust pipe lining. Aluminum oxide also have special purpose in biomedical industries, since Its stable chemical properties will not easily react with the human body. Recently, it has been widely used in artificial restoration of teeth, bones, joints, and hips and hips to replace traditional metal inserts

Aluminum Oxide application table

In this case, we dealt with aluminum oxide parts machining with CNC machine side added on HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module, effectively enhancing machining efficiency and overcoming the bottleneck of short too life. 
Aluminum Oxide machining difficulties
Nowadays, ceramic machining follows the trend of minimizing the parts and developing various features to fulfill lightweight and precise demands from markets.  And the quality problem existing in CNC machining has emerged. Because of the brittle properties, aluminum oxide machining procedure damages contact areas on both work piece and tools, therefore causing severe crack and shortening tool life. 
The non-conductive property of aluminum oxide filters feasible processing ways, remaining remaining laser, waterjet,  and CNC machining.
Aluminum oxide drilling is a common feature in manufacturing electrical components. For Drilling Purpose, Aluminum oxide drilling is prone to accumulate cutting scraps and then damage the work piece and tools. So, it is vital to remove cutting scraps effectively and longer the tool life in Aluminum oxide drilling.