3C Electronics Zirconia Oxide ceramic back plate machining

After sintering, the volume of zirconia ceramic will shrink irregularly and cannot assure the accuracy of size and surface quality will be the same as the machining performance before sintering. To prevent inaccuracy, zirconia oxide ceramic needs to process after sintering.

The most common way to process zirconia oxide is CNC grinding and polishing. As above description of alumina oxide, the extreme hardness also causes difficulties in zirconia oxide CNC machining. Tools for zirconia oxide machining require sintered diamond tools or CBN tools and diamond wheels for finishing. Expensive cost for tools and short tool life are the common failing when it comes to advanced ceramic machining.

The machining allowance of zirconia machining requires to be 100 times greater than metal machining due to the high demands in precision features and its hardness. This often results in high material cost and low efficiency.

Picture before machining

zirconia oxide cermic before machining-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Performace of Zirconia oxide ceramic back plate machining

zirconia oxide back plate machining performance-Hantop intelligence Tech.

Comparison between Non-Ultrasonic and HIT Ultrasonic

zirconia oxide back plate machining performance comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Moodule:
  • Better Quality
  • 50% Processing time
  • 3 times tool life
Bearing more strengthen mechanical properties than Alumina oxide, Zirconia oxide is another popular type of inert advanced ceramic. Unlike alumina oxide, it is four times tougher and shatter-proof. Also, it equips stable chemical properties, extreme hardness, thermal resistance and corrosion resistance.

Commonly used for industrial applications, zirconia oxide is made for bearing, machine parts, and tooling. Recently, as the trend for 5G era has emerged, advanced ceramics has been all on the rage. With the excellent mechanical properties, low interference of 5G high frequency, sensitiveness to fingerprint identification, great texture to human hand, zirconia  ceramic is the most suitable materials for mobile back plate in 5G era.

From zirconia ceramic plate to ceramic back plate, HIT ultrasonic machining module assisted conventional CNC machining to prolong three times of tool life as well as reducing half of the processing time in the same quality standard.