Taiwan Automation and Intelligence Robot shows successfully ended last Saturday. Thanks for you attending the seminar as well as our booth. Our introduction made many developers who don’t know ultrasonic machining realize why high-speed vibration of ultrasonic machining can reduce tool wear and why it can greatly improve efficiency. 
Ultrasonic machining module introduction: http://www.hit-tw.com/eng/Products.aspx?ID=4
At the seminar, Professor Michael Chen proposed that in the coming 5G era and the rise of the semiconductor industry, the processing of composite materials such as advanced ceramics will be popularized. Owning both high-speed and high-precision characteristics, ultrasonic machining will definitely lead a trend of in the future . How to make a good use of ultrasonic machining in advanced materials? After the seminar, you might have a complete understanding, you can also click links below to learn more.
Hantop seminar of Ultrasonic Machining in advanced material

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