Hantop Intelligence Technology Speech Information in 2019 Taiwan AOI Forum & Show!
This year, on October 3 , Hantop Intelligence Technology will hold a speach in annual Taiwan AOI Forum & Show, the most representative show in AOI area in Taiwan. Professor Michael Chen, as senior professor of mechanical department in Chung Hsin University and the technical director of Hantop Technology, will point out the pain points and suggestions in precision mechanical industry intellectualiztion. Due to various industrial applications of advanced material in Hantop Intelligence Technology, believe that it will solve all your doubts and problems. Come and try the fastest path to achieve advanced material machining automation!

Time: 2019/10/03 (Thursday) (The show begin at 10:00, and Hantop’s speech is at 15:45-16:15)
Place: The fourth Conference Room, No. 1001, University Road, Hsinchu City (Electronic Information Center Building, Jiaotong University)
Theme: Observation and Suggestion of Pain Points in Precision Machinery Industry  - from Experience of Hantop intelligence Technology
URL: http://2019aoi.conf.tw/site/page.aspx?pid=157&sid=1291&lang=cht
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