Hantop Intelligence Tech join Futex Taipei 2019 Promotion

HIT Sincerely invite you to join us in Futex Taipei 2019!

Time: 2019/12/05-08 10:00-18:00
(HIT speech will hold on 12/5 11:15 a.m.-11:30 a.m.)
Place: Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1
Subject: Ultrasonic Machining Module
About HIT Exhibition: https://reurl.cc/0zkRDA
    This year, the Futex Taipei 2019 will grandly hold at Dec 5. with the emphasis future technology, the exhibition will show us created cutting edge products and innovations that can move the country forward into the future . These technology fields include Medical and Biotech Innovations, Samrt Machinery and Evolutionary Materials, AI and Electronic Innovations, and Green Energy and Environment. For visitors, it is a good chance to know about both innovative and influential technology in the future market.   
  Hantop Intelligence Tech. is honored to cooperate with Chung-Hsin university and demonstrate our ultrasonic machining module technology in the exhibition.  The founder and Chief of technique of Hantop Intelligence Tech. -Michael Chen will also bring us an excellent short speech about ultrasonic intelligence machining in new materials.
With the growing demands in new materials, lots of pain points in machining have emerged, and Hantop is founded to deal with those problems. Applying plug and play design can help manufacturers upgrading their original machining with economic cost. Moreover, our non-contact power transmission and automatic dynamic tracking system have breakthrough the conventional ways, without limiting the spindle speed and tracking function in time, ultrasonic machining has the potential to become a new star in the future. So, come and witness the excellence with us in Future Tech Exhibition!

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