Central Taiwan Science Park Invests 20.7 billion to introduce 18 companies, including Hantop Intelligence Tech. and FFG Group

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The Central Taiwan Science Park increased the investments to keep on trend of smart manufacture

Recently, there are two news published by Central Taiwan Science Park relating to Hantop Intelligence Technology(HIT). Central Taiwan Science Park has already invested 5.812 billion since November to introduce 18 new entrants. After meeting of the Ministry of Science and Technology on 11/26, it also announced that a total of 870 million investment projects will include Hantop intelligence Technology and FFG Group. The purpose of this capital increase is to keep the Central Taiwan Science Park in the trend of smart manufacture. Global memory manufacturer leader, Taiwan Micron, has built a large-scale clean room in the Houli plant of Central Taiwan Science Park, and FFG Group is also betting on the production of automated production lines.

HIT developed ultrasonic machining module, having faith to dominate the domestic market with the high-quality resources in Central Taiwan Science Park and step out to international market

        Although Hantop Intelligence Technology is a new-founded company, its products – Ultrasonic Machining Module has shown its insight in precision CNC Machining. Aiming at the pain point of the advanced materials machining, the development of HIT ultrasonic machining modules replaces the needs of specific equipment while introducing new technique. It has also innovated the new material processing process.

       Xu Maoxin, director of Central Science Park Administration Bureau, referred that Hantop in this case is a new company, and Professor Michael Chen, Department of Mechanical Engineering in National Chung-Hsin University, serves as the chief technology officer and provides R & D patents. HIT main product-ultrasonic assisted machining module applies a non-contact transmission as well as side-add-on design, and the whole module is manufactured as plug and play form. It can be installed and set up for continuous mass production within one day, which greatly reduces product introduction. Moreover, the products can be installed in various CNC machine tools, which can easily upgrade traditional machine tools to ultrasonic processing machines, achieving cost-effective services and creating a win-win situation for end users and machine tool manufacturers. This paragraph gives the best comment on the flexible application and economics of the HIT ultrasonic machining module. With excellent market discovery and stable module products, though Hantop Intelligence Technology has been established for just one year, we still have faith to dominate the domestic market with the high-quality resources in Central Taiwan Science Park and step out to international market.

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