The Founder of HiT, Professor Michael Chen, both won the Academic Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award and the Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award  at FUTEX 2019. 

Hantop Intelligence Tech. founder held a short speech about advanced materials machining with ultrasonic machining module in FUTEX 2019
<Hantop Intelligence Tech. founder, Michael Chen, held a short speech about advanced materials machining with HIT ultrasonic machining module>

The president presented Academic Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award to HIT founder.
<The president presented Academic Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award to HIT founder, Professor Michael Chen.>

Diplomats of  diplomatic relations visited HIT booth in Futex Taipei 2019
<Diplomats of  diplomatic relations visited HIT booth in Futex Taipei 2019>

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The FUTEX hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology opened yesterday. During the opening ceremony, President Tsai also visited the exhibition and presented the Academic Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award for to 14 brilliant academic models in Taiwan. The awarding ceremony proves that the academic and industries are not two separate fields, through the communication and cooperation between scholars in the academic and various industrial fields, the application in academic research has become the driving force for innovation.
The founder of Hantop Intelligence Technology, Michael Chen, is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Chung-Hsin University and has rich experiences in industry-academia cooperation. Discovering the difficulties and bottlenecks that the machining industry will encounter in material transformation, he seized the opportunity to put his research into practical use, which is the origin of ultrasonic machining module. Since ultrasonic has been applied in various uses and has been approved the improvements in advanced materials machining, such as the reduction of cutting resistance and cutting heat, Professor Michael Chen introduced the thoughts and transformed it into a module type. Until now, there are more than 90 industrial successful cases which applies ultrasonic machining module indifferent industrial fields as well as various materials, and the cases are still growing.

The Future Development of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module

The founder of HIT is honored to be presented Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award
<The founder of HIT is honored to be presented the Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award>

At the last day in FUTEX 2019, Professor Michael Chen is also honored to be presented another award--Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award. It proved that the technique of ultrasonic machining is not only providing improvements from current machining procedure, but also having a great potential in the future.

Compared with existed ultrasonic processing machines , the form of the handing ultrasonic processing module is more lightweight and more suitable for the future trend of robot arms processing. Because the robot arms can greatly reduce the space and costs in the condition to meet customers’ needs, it has been currently used in the aerospace industry. In addition to add ultrasonic vibration in machining procedure to improve the processing performance, the module also equips an automatic tracking system to assist manufacturer trace the data at any time. To make the tracking system more robust, there will be a measuring tool with the function of detecting tool wear and ultrasonic vibration data, and it will inspect the tool condition then return the data to the system before machining. According to the data, the module can respond to different situations and minimize processing losses, pursuing smart machinery at one module.
In the machining revolution started by materials change, Hantop Intelligence Technology has embraced the future trend and stepped out worldwide. With the ultrasonic machining module and the whole integration system, we can follow up to new smart machinery technology and witness the excellence together.
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