Hantop Intelligence Technology joined SAMPE Taiwan! Our special ultrasonic machining module will solve the bottlenecks of ceramic and composite material processing with members.


Hantop intelligence Technology joined SAMPE and looked forward to witnessing the outstanding growth of composite processing technology with its members

On December 13th, at the "2019 Carbon Valley Forum and the 11th Second Member Conference" hosted by SAMPE Taiwan, Hantop Intelligence Technology was honored to be invited to participate, and at the same time applied to officially become a member of the Association, which provides best solution of advanced Material processing to association members. The conference topic mainly talked about the current situation and opportunities of processing composite materials. Since 2000, Taiwan has widely used composite materials in fields of aerospace and automotive to achieve the purpose of light weight and toughness. Advanced materials machining issues have getting more and more valued as time progresses. Among them, alloys and fiber composites machining have become the most popular issues until now.

Let’s take a first look about SAMPE Taiwan!

SAMPE Taiwan is a branch of SAMPE in the United States. It was established by the Ministry of the Interior in 1991. The participating members of the association comes from different industries such as aerospace, optoelectronics, automotive, national defense, building materials, biomedical materials, and sports and leisure equipment. 
The association provides opportunities for technological exchanges and talent training between industries. In addition to the annual conferences, there are also technical communication channels such as seminars and lectures, which allows Taiwan to progress year by year in the field of advanced materials machining technology. The theme of this forum was also pointing out the current situation of composite materials processing in Taiwan, leading the discussion through talents from various industries.
The rise of ultrasonic machining technology in composites machining
In order to process composite materials that have both hard and tough characteristics, the conventional way to solve it is enhancing the rotation speed of spindle. However, when the extremely hard materials encounter high-speed rotating tools, the result is likely to generate notches in the edge of tool as well as the cutting surface of materials, thus increasing tool wear. Due the phenomena above, it proves that increasing rotating speed can neither reduce costs, nor the product quality can meet clients’ expectations. Another idea about changing high-class machine have emerged, but the introduction costs from time and money is a disturbing problem. Recently, fiber composites have become a new trend in advanced materials application. Despite its strong and lightweight properties, the dilemma between different weaving directions and cutting heat have stopped its growth in application.    
The ultrasonic machining technology has stood out in the situation that there is no other way to solve the severe tool wear and low efficiency in composites machining.
Because ultrasonic machining increases more high-frequency vibration in the vertical direction of the Z axis, the vibration can generate micro-vibration which followed the cutting track, avoiding the situation to crash materials and tool directly. That’s the reason why the tool wear is greatly reduced during machining. Secondly, under high-speed micro vibration, it is easier to remove debris from machining. And through the cutting waste becomes smaller, the removal of finer scrap and the reduction of friction during the cutting process make it difficult for the cutting heat to accumulate at the processing place. The impact from cutting heat will be also significantly reduced.
Hantop intelligence Technology ultrasonic machining module keeps the benefit from ultrasonic vibration, and it is designed as plug and play and lightweight module form with intelligent automatic tracking system. Therefore, it can be flexibly installed on various kinds of existing machines such as robot arms and precision machines, and track the current data to match the proper balance. In the future, it will become the best solution to upgrade the conventional machining method into smart manufacture, especially in advanced materials like ceramic and composites.
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