Hantop Intelligence Technology has won two special awards in FUTEX 2019 with its unique ultrasonic machining module, and it is expecting to step out internationally in the field of smart manufacturing.

The president awarded the founder of HIT the Academic Pioneer Awards in person at Futex Taipei 2019

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Hantop Intelligence Technology has won two special awards in FUTEX 2019 with its unique ultrasonic machining module. The long standing industry-academia cooperation between Hantop Intelligence Tech. and Chung-Hsin University has transformed the research in academia into industry practice. With practical use, the experts in academia and industry could observe the real sound in market. And that’s the reason HIT Ultrasonic machining module has been developed.
Since the Taiwanese machinery industry made great efforts to develop smart machinery in 2016, the earnings has successfully skyrocketed to NT $ trillion mark in 2017. Because of the popularity in smart manufacturing and new materials application, many manufacturers have faced the pain points of industrial upgrading.
Hantop Intelligence seize the chance, developing an innovative ultrasonic machining solution without the need to retire original equipment.
This team's original ultrasonic processing module can be plugged into the original equipment. With high flexibility, the effeteness isn’t worse than foreign special pupose machine. It is also very advantageous in terms of time, which can be completed on-line production in one day.
At present, this technology has also been adopted by domestic aerospace leader AIDS. It is used in the interior of aircraft luggage and seats. Moreover, there’re
also international customers from the United States, Japan and other countries abroad. Recently, Han Ding Smart Technology has also actively participated in international events such as the SAMPE (Advanced Materials Association) and foreign processing exhibitions. It is expected to expand from domestic industry-academia cooperation to international Industry technology exchange.
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