Nomex Honeycomb Introduction and what can ultrasonic machining bring to it


Nomex honeycomb is a bionic honeycomb core material made of poly-m-xylylene-m-phenylenediamine fiber paper, which is a low-density honeycomb-like material.
Recently, the application of Nomex hive in the aviation and aerospace industry has soared, and it has a pivotal position. Due to its lightweight, sturdy structure and abrasion resistance, it is an important material for lightweight high-end equipment. It is widely used in the aerospace field. Nomex honeycomb is applied to the interior parts; Nomex honeycomb is also used on the floor and other parts of the Airbus A380.
However, this material with outstanding advantages also has pain points in processing: the lateral pressure resistance is poor, and traditional milling is easy to produce tears, damage to fibers, and burrs.
HIT ultrasonic processing provides high frequency vibration to overcome the difficulties in Nomex honeycomb processing. Micro-vibration does not immediately collapse the structure, but rather removes the material slightly, solving the problem of structural tearing. Tests have shown that even in the case of inclined planes, the burrs can be effectively reduced by more than 4 times, and the quality is significantly improved!
If you are interested in the application of ultrasound, you can go to our technical introduction to learn more about the principles and uses of ultrasound processing. It is also recommended to watch our website regularly to get the latest ultrasonic processing verification results!
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