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For ceramic machining trend, HIT New Ultrasonic solution provides the economist way in 5G advanced ceramic revolution

The last post introduced the newly launched Huawei P40 Pro + ceramic technology. In fact, not only Huawei P40 Pro +, many mobile phone manufacturers (such as: Xiaomi) have also explored the ceramic back cover process. The P40 Pro + released at the end of March uses a warm ceramic back plate, which is the fifth time the P series uses the ceramic back plate again. Because of its higher toughness than sapphire, it has a hardness of up to 8 Mohs, so there is no need to worry about fragility.
The application of ceramics in mobile phones and 3C is not only that. The Mashdigi website mentioned that Apple used aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 18K gold and ceramic materials to make Apple Watch frames. According to Apple ’s patent application content, it may be that new ceramic fibers will be used next. The material allows Apple Watch to maintain high hardness and lightness, which not only reduces production costs, but also ensures the efficiency of its wireless communication connection, which is quite suitable for Apple Watch. Besides, ceramic is an excellent material for wearing equipment like earphones due to its skin- friendly and noise-resistant properties.
Advanced materials are made by power-pressing and stringing procedures. For precision machining demands, it will continue secondary process after sintering.
Ceramic itself has the characteristics of fire resistance, high temperature resistance, light weight, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, and also has the characteristics of resistance to mechanical vibration and high breathability. At present, it is often used in cutting-edge scientific applications such as aerospace and atomic energy. Used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, ceramics, glass, electronics and other industries, it is recognized as a high-efficiency energy-saving material. In 3C industries, zirconia ceramics seize the opportunity because of its drop-resistance. The extensive application of advanced ceramics has also brought prosperity to processors such as powder manufacturing, sintering and pressing, and finishing. At the same time, the requirements for the proportion of mobile phone screens and the miniaturization of body parts have also brought
huge challenges for manufacturers. In addition to the sintered hardness problem of zirconia ceramics, it is easy to break when facing excessive grinding force or cutting force as crystalline structure itself. Those bottlenecks make it difficult to produce, and the processing cost often occupies 30-60% of the finished product. How to refine the surface quality and feature processing more economically has become a popular issue among industries.
For conquering problems of exerting excessive cutting force, ultrasonic machining provides high frequency vibration that disperse cutting force into each vibration, and reducing the cutting resistance to 40%. Moreover, the subtle vibrations can prevent cutting accumulation and uniform the cutting surface.
Differentiated from special purpose machine that needs to introduce a hole, bulky equipment, Hantop Intelligence Tech. provides plug and play module type design that can be easily side added-on various CNC machine. Patented non-contact power transmission design also provides unlimited spindle rotation speed to machine advanced ceramics more effectively.
The mobile phone market has undergone multiple replacements from the previous plastic, metal, glass, and nowadays ceramics. The fast changing materials revolutions force manufacturers upgrading their own techniques to keep track on the latest trend. As the ceramic materials machining has gone viral, ultrasonic machining solution will be the best choice for you to get through the transformation. In the face of ceramic materials machining trend, top 3C manufacturers have waited to seize the opportunity. Apple will also be expected to use ceramics in mobile phones in the future. Then, how would you prepare for the technological revolution brought by ceramic materials?
If you are interested in learning more about the application of ultrasound, you can go to the HIT website-technical introduction to learn more about the principles and uses of ultrasound processing. It is also recommended to regularly watch our fans to obtain the latest ultrasound processing verification results!

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