Observation of new materials revolution in cellphone-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

When smart phone is in everyone’s life , facing the trend of cellphone material upgrading, are you ready?

Which is the future trend of smart phone material, glass, sapphire, or ceramic?
Since IPhone5S began to use sapphire, many people are familiar with Home button, camera, and backplane with the use of sapphire. The Hardness of sapphire is only slightly inferior to diamonds. It has the characteristics of wearing and not interfering with microwaves. Which is often used on the surface of smart watches, mobile phone screen, back panel, main page buttons, and camera. However, although the sapphire is hard, it is easily to break. (How many people have the experience that broke their IPhoneXD), and it cannot as thin as other materials, which makes the front fingerprint sensing technology more difficult. In addition, the high production cost makes it gradually disappear in the smart phone material.
Instead of sapphire, Glass and zirconia ceramic have emerged. Tempered glass simply processes and requires low production cost. Recently, there have been a new trend of 3D glass curved screen; however, its fingerprint identification isn’t sensitive due to low dielectric constant, and it has no resistantance of dropping, not a perfect substitute.
  Zirconium oxide backplate doesn’t interfere with microwave, and its dielectric constant is three times higher than sapphire, which makes fingerprint identification more sensitive. Compared with sapphire, it has the advantage of price and thinness. Many excellent characteristics makes it become a star in mobile phone applications. however, the zirconia also requires difficult processing techniques such as high purity and powder production, costing large amount of money.
It seems that Zirconium oxide is the winner in the future. Since the processing is difficult by conventional way, we need ultrasonic machining technology to assist us. With high rotation speed and adjustable frenquency system, we can both enjoy high efficiency and high precision production at the same time.
To catch the trend of advanced materials in smart phone applications, first apply a Hantop ultrasonic machining module!

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