Ceramic Applications in Semiconductor-Hantop Intelligence Tech.
Alumina ceramic parts machining in semiconductor industries using HIT ultrasonic machining module side-added on conventional CNC.

Turning the crisis into an opportunity, Taiwan s semiconductor industry takes the advantage of stable production

According to estimation by the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI), shipments of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers reached US $ 2.21 billion in March, an increase of 20.1% from the same period last year.
SEMI said that the shipment of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers began to reflect the challenging market environment in March, indicating that the global market was not optimistic about the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, but manufacturers in Taiwan semiconductor industries take the advantage of stable production. Under the leadership of TSMC, it is showing positive growth recently. TSMC pointed out at an earning results conference a few days ago that they are still optimistic about the long-term development of 5G and HPC and the continuous deployment of advanced processes despite the continuous outbreak of COVID-19
Taiwan has been deeply involved in the semiconductor industry for a long time. Not only does it still have advantages under the epidemic situation, but it also expects to be the largest market for two consecutive years, which is better than the global performance and has raised a lot of confidence in the industry.
At the same time, Taiwan's advantage is that the epidemic situation is more controllable than the whole world, and it is less likely to cause the problem of broken chains. Instead, formidable semiconductor manufacturers have potential chances to receive orders from foreign manufacturers. Having faith in the prospect of semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan, the global lack of production will bring up the related industries at the same time.
Common semiconductor application materials are alumina, silicon carbide, etc. The alumina ceramic material used in the semiconductor cavity and the packaging substrate has the characteristics of heat resistance, insulation and wear resistance in addition to rigidity.
In order to solve the hard-to-cut characteristics of advanced ceramics, Hantop Intelligence Tech. has developed patented ultrasonic machining module. With the subtle vibrations passing to tool edge, it can reduce cutting resistance and prevent micro-drilling in the structure. Which effectively improved the processing efficiency and overcome the bottleneck of short tool life.
Silicon carbide is a popular materials in semiconductor industry, too. Regarding to its excellent mechanical properties including low conductive resistance, high switching frequency, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, and also high temperature and high pressure resistance, the applications of SiC has skyrocketed. Since the requirements for SiC machining are strict, Its excellent properties also make manufacturers in the dilemma.
  HIT Ultrasonic Technology has applications in micro drilling and parts processing on silicon carbide materials. For sophisticated features of SiC, improper cutting force may lead to unchangeable failure, and ultrasonic machining technology can conquer this problem by disperse the cutting force into numeral vibrations. Thus, it can effectively enhance the surface quality and raise yield. We successfully achieved the performance of increasing two times of efficiency and three times of tool life in SiC parts machining, which can count to be six times of profit rate to manufacturers.
HIT sincerely wish you all a good opportunity to become a successful semiconductor material processing manufacturer, refer to HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module to enhance your strength! HIT has cases of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide processing validated with worldwide customers, and we also welcome you to give us advices.

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