HIT Luncheon Interview invited by Meet-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

HIT startup interview by Meet at 6/8. Remember to stay tune!

HIT is honored to be invited taking an interview by Meet at 6/8. The following report will be updated on Meet Startup website, and HIT website as well as our social media will keep track at the same time. If interested about HIT history, service and product, and our future goal, welcome to following the latest news about us.
Launched by “Business Next Media” since 2011, Meet is a go-to platform for startup community, news, events, talents, partners, funding and more. Being the most influential pioneer in developing startups ecosystem, Meet has held diverse activities to help companies which has the most potential, become the shiny stars. The Luncheon Interview, which HIT was invited to attend, is one type of interview to know more about startups’ innovative products and service by chatting in the lunch time.
As the demands of lightweight and micro machining skyrocketing, the proper processing method play essential parts nowadays. Facing the revolution of advanced material, manufacturers have been searching for technology with the least introduction time and cost. Common bottlenecks of new materials machining such as brittleness, cutting heat, and cutting force, Hantop Intelligence Tech. introduces ultrasonic machining technique to conquer them, which is designed as plug and play module helping conventional CNC machine can be easily and quickly installed, enables the ability of milling/drilling/grinding the super-alloys, composites, ceramics, optical glass, semiconductor materials, and other advanced materials. The non-contact transmission technology does not limit the rotation speed of the spindle. We also provide advanced ultrasonic driver with the software that can automatically identify the dynamic characteristics of the cutting tools and adaptively adjust the locking frequency during machining.
HIT provides the most economic cost but the high-level innovative solution, dedicated to serve the best to worldwide clients, assisting them to lead the trend of 5G era and advanced composites.
Based on the profound techniques, HIT never satisfies with the current performance and try our best to solve market demands by developing a variety spec. of tool holders and disk knife tool holder for Nomex honeycomb. To keep close to the market, HIT has great relationship with local CNC machining manufacturer and also continues global market development. At present, we have had 26 clients around the globe and validated over 100 cases. We have confidence to turn the challenges in new materials machining into success, cooperates with partners and facing the NEX-GEN applications now and in the future.

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