Picture of HIT Luncheon interview by MEET-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

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Meet Report:aimed to new materials machining market, HIT ultrasonic machining module provides the most cost-effective solution.

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Founded in Taichung, a hi-tech city in Taiwan, the startup of Hantop Intelligence Tech. has based experiences on both industry and academy for over 20 years. Aimed to new materials machining market, HIT developed unique ultrasonic machining module to overcome the time and cost bottlenecks during introduction. Unlike other scholars, Professor Chen, the founder of HIT, points out that the winning points in the future will be correctly targeting market demands and the capability to combine the technology of hardware and software.
As new materials continuously replacing old materials, the process of advanced materials has become a turning point to be the NEX-GEN leader. HIT has the confidence to provide the most cost-effective solution for manufacturer due to profound technology foundation and the flexibility of organization. With the creativity and precise observation, HIT maintains good relationship with local manufacturers such as FFG, YCM, and LITZ, and held an exhibition of ultrasonic tool holder together in March last year. Focus on aerospace and semiconductor industries spread worldwide, HIT will try our best to meet the clients’ expectations.

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