HIT is going to hold a research presentation at The 56th Annual Conference of the Chinese Society for ISQM!

Event: The 56th Annual Conference of Chinese Society for Quality 2020 International Symposium of Quality Management (ISQM)

Seminar Subject: Smart Quality and Digital Transformation
Time: 2020/11/7 (Sat.) 1330-1700
HIT Presentation: 13:30-15:00

Venue: National University of Kaohsiung
Website: http://www.csq.org.tw/isqm2020/Index.html

The event will show the ultrasonic technology of HIT and the principle introduction of how it designed for advanced materials machining. The topic will start on application cases of ultrasonic machining and then go through from ultrasonic spindle, ultrasonic tool holder, ultrasonic driver, to measuring instrument.

The ultrasonic machining module proposed by HIT is a solution to thorny problems of machining advanced materials. It eliminates industry's hesitation, out of time and cost considerations, to adopt new techniques to process advanced materials, and resolves the problems of rotational speed limitations and non-precision finished goods caused by conventional contact-type power transmission. HIT utilizes a side add-on cutting module design, non-contact power transmission system, and ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining to overcome all of the foregoing problems.

At present, we have provided more than 130 sets of USM to the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., and validated with 26 clients spread worldwide of various industries including aerospace, semiconductors, medical/healthcare device, automotive, precision die/mold. We also collaborate with world-leading manufacturers in semiconductor fabrication.

More Info: https://www.hit-tw.com/technology.aspx?id=6
More Application: https://www.hit-tw.com/advantage.aspx