HIT ultrasonic technology in San Jose California
Rotary Ultrasonic machining (RUM) technology has revolutionized the market of new materials machining in the USA in recent years. HIT has followed the trend and promoted to American customers since 2018, and HS&S is one of our partners of the west coast in early stage. Aim at the emerging demand of advanced ceramic machining for the semiconductor industry on west coast, HS&S has expanded the promotion and published HIT ultrasonic technology in CNC west magazine.
Link to Megazine: http://www.cnc-west.com/2021cnc6-7/#p=76

HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module Advantages:
  • RUM technology to reduce cutting resistance to 40% and minimize the tool wear, enhancing quality.

    Application for advanced materials: https://www.hit-tw.com/advantage.asp
  • Over 14000hr still available! From customers’ experience, the investment of ultrasonic module is Return in 2.5 month and the production capacity enhanced 35% on the same machine!
  • Non-contact power transmission technology for high spindle speed up to 48,000RPM and the least impact of cutting friction heat and force.  
HIT Partner HS&S Machine Tool and Metrology, Inc.  
Over 41-year-old in the USA, Expert Machine Tool and 3D Metrology Sales Organization but also a good Solutions Provider.
Official website: https://www.hsands.com/