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Sincerely appreciate the Commercial Times report HIT HSKE25 Ultrasonic Tool holder Technology.
Advance ceramics, alloys, and composites have substituted conventional metal and polymers due to phenomenal mechanical properties. Exceptional strength and wear resistance could also turn into challenges to CNC manufacturers in tool life, quality, and efficiency. Those difficulties will be aggravated in micro features.

HIT HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder could install on the Japanese special machine for ultrasonic micro drilling/machining. Compared to other ultrasonic tool holders, HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder with a small volume and capability of 48000rpm hi-rotation speed is pertinent to precision machining with high stability.

Rotary Ultrasonic Technology (RUM) with the superimpose between vertical micro-vibrations and rotating tools enlarges and material removal and reduce cutting resistance. HIT has developed non-contact power transmission technology to elevate the performance of RUM without the limitation of rotation speed and wear between tool holder and power transmitter, and it could achieve hi-stable and long-time process.

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