The Advanced Materials Manufacturing Forum held in National Chin-Yi University of Technology was finished. HIT was honored to participate in this grand event and share our rotary ultrasonic machining technology for manufacturers.

With the rapid growth of advanced materials demands in the semiconductor, photoelectric, medical, and aerospace industries, manufacturers have faced challenges since conventional metal machining has transferred to advanced materials with extremely hard and brittle properties. Those new materials such as ceramics, composites with strong mechanical properties are prone to encounter short tool life, edge-crack, and low efficiency.

The trend of miniaturization also makes it more difficult to maintain high-precision quality requirements for complex features such as thin walls and micro-drilling. The active participation of manufacturers in this forum has enabled emerging issues such as the processing of third-generation semiconductor materials to be carried forward.

HIT exhibited our ultrasonic machining module technology. By superimposing hi-freq. micro-vibrations and hi-speed rotating tools, the material remove rate will be enlarged, and the cutting resistance will be reduced due to constant oscillations. And the edge-crack and tool life will be minimized. The technology is designed as a module. The manufacturers could apply the ultrasonic machining technique by simply installing our module on their current CNC machine without purchasing a special purpose equipment

Aimed to third-generation semiconductor materials such as SiC and AIN and micro-drilling demand, HIT has developed the world-smallest tool holder HSKE25
which could enable manufacturers to machining with 48000rpm ultra-high rotation speed and high stability.
HSKE25 Tool holder: https://www.hit-tw.com/productsdetails.aspx?id=110

Another expected product will be an ultrasonic cutter. The application is focused on soft materials such as prepreg, plastic, and CFRP. Different material applications and handheld designs provide another option to manufacturers in aerospace, semiconductor, and traditional machining.

HIT Founder Professor Chen and CEO Dirac Liao introduced HIT ultrasonic machining module

HIT Founder announced hard and brittle material machining technology