Group photo of HIT founder, Professor Chen, and Buffalo Machinery chairman

founder has been honored to be awarded National Invention and Creation Award.

HIT ultrasonic module patent outstands among 583 inventions, and it is the only one have been selected in the intelligence machinery category.

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Based on the profound research in ultrasonic machining technology, HIT founder-Professor Chen has observed the future opportunity in advanced material machining and the machining difficulties to conventional CNC method so that the Non-Contact ultrasonic machining module has been developed.

For solving the challenges of advanced materials machining,
Ultrasonic machining technology could enhance quality and capacity and reduce costs.
Highlights of ultrasonic machining module:
  1. Enhance Quality and Capacity and Reduce Costs.
    Learn more in applications: https://www.hit-tw.com/advantage.aspx
  2. Plug and Play module type design
    Simply Install on current CNC and achieve ultrasonic machining performance without extra special-purpose equipment and space.
  3. Non-Contact Power Transmission
    Improve rotation speed greatly and ensure high stability

The patent of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module has been sold and applied to global customers such as Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. And the industries include semiconductors, aerospace, optics, and electronics.

HIT has also developed diverse specifications of the tool holders, providing flexible choices to manufacturers.
Recently, we have invented the world's smallest ultrasonic tool holder-HSKE25. Which is poised to micro deep drilling in semiconductor brittle materials due to ultra-high rotation speed of 48000 rpm.
HSKE25 Introduction: https://www.hit-tw.com/productsdetails.aspx?id=110

Aimed at soft materials such as prepregs, rubber, and plastics, a New-developed handheld ultrasonic cutter could be applied to manual control and robot arm machining.
The adjusted amplitude and frequency could reduce the chipping-width, and both improve efficiency.


Group photo of HIT founder and HIT RD engineering supervisor

109th National Invention and Creation Award Event