Thanks for the news report from Commercial Times on HIT's participation in 2022 TIMTOS*TMTS!
➡️Link of News Report:https://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20220221000548-260210?chdtv

This year (2022) TIMTOS*TMTS exposition focuses on "Smart Manufacturing".  The alliance of of two major machine tool shows has once again made Taiwan the attention of international advanced manufacturing.

HIT's non-contact ultrasonic machining module technology allows industry professionals to witness the facts that the latest ultrasonic machining technology can solve plenty of  machining problems.  This includes problem-solving in CNC machining difficulties on multiple advanced materials, remote-control integration, and automatic frequency-lock.

Regarding the semiconductor industry, HIT has developed a micromodule of HSKE25 toolholder, and extended HSKA63. BT40 toolholders which can be applied to 5-axis CNC machines.  This appears to be a solution to accomodate to multiple semiconductor materials application and micro-machining environments.

HIT embraces the restructure and R&D energy during the pandemic, and wishes to exchange thoughts and information with industry professionals.  HIT has high expectation to hop on the international stage with Taiwan's strong manufacturing ability and advanced ultrasonic machining technology!

The article is excerpted from Commercial Times【HIT's Ultrasonic Machining Technology and Module Excellence】