SEMICON Taiwan 2022 Smart Manufacturing Expo. Meet the Expert Speech 

Michael Chen, founder and CTO of Hantop Intelligence Tech. : Ultrasonic Machining of the Advanced Materials

Yesterday (Sep. 14th) was the first day of SEMICON Taiwan 2022 Exhibition. 🎉

Michael Chen (陳政雄), the founder and CTO of Hantop Intelligence Tech.,shared with all the industrial experts in the Meet the Expert speech about ultrasonic-assiste machining on the advanced materials applications in the Semiconductor industry.

It is now achievable to use CNC machines to machine high precision parts applied in semiconductor fabrication commodity, including SiC shower head, CEL, E-chuck, etc.

With the assistance of ultrasonic-assisted machining technology, it is able to enhance the machining efficiency while ensuring high-quality workpieces.

The speech stroke a chord in the exhibition! 🎊
It also attracted more industrial experts to come visit, hoping to know more about ultrasonic machining on the advanced materials.

Want to know the secrets and practical applications of ultrasonic-assisted machining technology on semiconductor advanced materials?

Do NOT miss the SEMICON Taiwan 2022 Exhibition ! ! !

There are still two more days (Sep. 15 - 16) for the exhibition.

Sincerely welcome all the industrial experts to visit HIT at Booth J2852, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

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