Time:Friday, September 28, 2018, 12:30 ~ 17:00
(Update)International Conference Room, 10th Floor, Agricul.

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Implementer : NCHU Mechanical Engineering

Co-organizer : HIT

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Ultrasonic Macgining Advanced Materials Workshop
Time Titles Speaker
12:30~13:00 Register  
13:00~13:10 Honoured Guest  
13:10~13:50 Principle and application of high efficiency and high quality ultrasonic processing NCHU Chen, Jenq-Shyong Professor
13:50~14:10 Non-contact power transmission ultrasonic knife handle technology HIT James Chang
14:10~14:30 Ultrasonic processing system on-board measurement technology NCHU/LATC Professor Chien-Hung Liu
14:30~14:50 Coffee break  
14:50~15:10 Processing application case and experience sharing Baoyi Manager Chen,Chien-Chou
15:10~15:30 Tungsten steel mirror and carbonized carbide processing tool application case experience sharing Taiwan Nakazawa Manager Liu,An-Yu
15:30~15:50 Ultrasonic processing technology real machine cutting display HIT Glan Zhang
15:50~16:40 Entity display and communication Baoyi、Taiwan Nakazawa、LATC、HIT

As the development of technology and the evolution of our society (e.g., problems like birth rate dropping and to achieve sustainable development), industry of semiconductor, aerospace, medical equipment, energy, smart electric vehicles, 5G, hi-tech products, precision molds and others, have used plenty of lightweight, high hardness and high temperature resistant advanced materials (e.g., SiC, sapphire, advanced ceramics, quartz, composite material, superalloy). 
Traditional CNC machine tools often encounter some problems such as low machining efficiency, short tool life and poor workpiece quality (e.g., cracking) when processing aforesaid advanced materials. 
Ultrasonic vibration assisted cutting technology integrated into traditional CNC machine tools which is proven that can effectively increase tool life and material removal several times or more, and reduce cutting force, workpiece breakage probability and surface roughness at the same time. 
Therefore, in the near future, the key point of CNC machine tool industry will be focusing at high efficiency, high quality of hardness, lightweight advanced materials and equipment instead of traditional precise metal cutting technology.

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