Event: The 7th China (Changzhou) Taihu International Machine Tool Show
Time: 2019.05.18-20
Place:Tai-Hu International Exhibition Center
Partner Place: No.A12
Exhibition model:
DM-1000 Vertical Machining Center
LU-620 vertical five-axis machining center
LU-800 vertical five-axis machining center
UX-500 ultrasonic processing machine

Hantop Technology cooperates with partners to develop ultrasonic processing technology that can cut all kinds of composite materials in addition to the traditional precision cutting metal processing machine. This ultrasonic knife does not need to be purchased as a whole processing machine. Just by placing the handles and related objects, conveyors, etc., you can achieve low-cost but high-quality output from foreign manufacturers. For all kinds of industrialists who have used a variety of lightweight and high-toughness composite materials. In terms of it, it is a more economical and quality choice.

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