Until now, ultrasonic processing is an extremely sophisticated technology in the processing industry, and those technologies are mostly dominated by foreign manufacturers. The great cost as well as time comsumption of purchasing foreign skills and machine make the industry be afraid to take a crucial step toward the ultrasonic processing technology. According to this, Hantop Wisdom Technology designed the improved ultrasonic Knife and related accessories to replace the bulky machine before, greatly reducing the cost of introduction and time consumption, and also showing the quality that is not inferior to foreign countries. Economy and high quality of products are not only the trust of customers but also our persistence.
Event: 2019 InnoVEX- Innovation Hub of Asia
Time: 05/29-05/31
Place: TWTC Hall1
Hantop Exhibition:
Ultrasonic knife handle
Power transmitter, collet, and various machinable parts with a knife handle
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What’s the specialties of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module?
How can HIT Ultrasonic machining technology work in new materials machining?  
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