Semiconductor Alumina oxide micro drilling

1.Overcome the Impossible, from zero to available 2.Low Cycle Time per Hole 3.Longer Tool Life
Alumina oxide micro drilling:

Picture of work piece:
Zirconia oxide micro drilling-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Tool life comparison:

By two kinds of tools using in two seperate machining methods, one for conventional CNC method and one for HIT ultrasonic module, we can see the comparison between these two methods and objectively prove that using HIT ultrasonic module can greatly enhance the machining performance. 

Tool A:
Overcome the impossible and meet the quality demands.
Tool B:
At the same condition,  increase 4.4 times of tool life with HIT ultrasonic machining module.

zirconia micro drilling tool life comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Machining data and comparison:
Zirconia micro drilling data-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Highlights of HIT ultrasonic machining module:
  • Overcome the Impossible, from zero to available 
  • Low Cycle Time per Hole
  • Longer Tool Life