3C Electronics SUS304 Micro-drilling

🕜 Efficiency increased 55% | 📈 Quality remained consistent | ⚙️ Tool Life increased 98%
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What makes SUS304 stainless steel difficult to machine?

Compared to relatively "soft" materials, such as aluminum, SUS304 stainless steel is quite difficult to machine.  This material is resistant to heat and corrosion, and it has high strength and good plasticity

One of the characteristics that makes it difficult to machine is that the material becomes harder and generates a lot of heat during the machining process.  Moreover, chips are not easy to bend or break, resulting in potential damage to the surface quality.

☑️ SUS304 Stainless Steel Machining Information
  SUS304 Machining Information
  Material   SUS304
  Dimensions   Φ0.3 x 3.6mm (blind holes)
  [aspect ratio : 12]
  Methods   Micro-drilling
  Machine Tool   YCM NFP-55LX
  Max. Spindle Speed   43,000 rpm
  Tool Rotating Speed   30,500 rpm
  Spindle Taper   HSKE40
  Tool Holder   HSKE40-F02-06
  Integrated System   CTS; ATC; CNC Automation

Stainless steel micro drilling processing-Hantop Intelligence Tech.   SUS 304 micro drilling-Hantop Intelligence Tech.
(Figure 1. machining of SUS304 stainless steel)               (Figure 2. SUS304 stainless steel micro-drilling workpiece)

HIT's Goal in Machining SUS304 Stainless Steel

Our goal is to compare the ultrasonic effects on micro-drilling SUS304 before and after adjusting machining parameters.

Ultrasonic-Assisted Machining SUS304 Stainless Steel Results

Before adjusting the machining parameters, HIT drilled 47 holes/per tool, and each hole took around 7.8 seconds.
After adjusting the machining parameters, HIT drilled 93 holes/per tool, and each hole took around 3.5 seconds.

HIT Ultrasonic Machining Technology Achievements

🕜 Efficiency increased 55%
📈 Quality remained consistent
⚙️ Tool Life increased 98%
  After Before
  Quality - -
  Efficiency 3.5 sec/per hole 7.8 sec/per hole
  Tool Life 93 holes/per tool 47 holes/per tool


Since SUS304 stainless steel is an extremely low-cost alloy, it is commonly used in various kinds of industries.  Typical applicatios include sinks, saucepans, architectural paneling, tubing, springs, screws, etc.

With its good heat resistance and corrosion resistance,

SUS304 stainless steel has a wide range of applications in the 3C Electronics industry,
such as electrical enclosures, heat exchangers, etc.

The products, which may come in different shapes, usually contain lots of micro-drilling features, which are expected to have higher efficiency and longer tool life in the machining process.

To ensure the quality of the products, it is important to control the heat produced during the machining process, as well as to improve the chip-breaking situation.

This is where HIT's Ultrasonic Machining Module comes in handy!  We offer a comprehensive solution in machining these difficult-to-cut materials.  With the assistance of our Ultrasonic Machining Technology, clients need not worry about damage to the surface quality or edge-crakcs in the micro-drilling feature due to too much heat and chip-breaking problem.  We can assure our clients of matching up with their requirements or even achieving better outcome!