SUS 304 micro drilling:

Machining situation:
Stainless steel micro drilling processing-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Picture of work piece:
SUS 304 micro drilling-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Comparison of process time:
process time comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Comparison of tool life:
tool life comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Machining data table:
Stainless steel micro drilling data and comparison-Hantop Intelligence Tech.

Highlights of HIT ultrasonic machining module:

  • Low Cycle Time per Hole
  • Longer Tool Life
HIT Highlights and comparison
Method HIT Ultrasonic Only CNC
Equipment CNC
Normal carbide tools

HIT Ultrasonic machining module
Normal carbide tools
Advantages in
Stainless steel machining
1.Process time reduction to 21%
2.Prolong tool life to 30%
3.CTS function provides more effective cooling way to reduce cutting heat
4.Ultrasonic vibrations can prevent cutting scraps winding on tools
5.Ultrasonic vibrations can significantly reduce cutting resistance to 40%,.
1.Easy to prepare the equipment
2.Relatively cheaper

1. With the fast development in machinery,  the artifact nowadays is required to be both sophisticated and efficient. Forcing manufacturers need to  face the change.
HIT Ultrasonic machining module is highly complementary to various CNC machine and tools.  It is not necessary  to introduce a bulky equipment for new technology introduction. HIT module type is the best and the most economy solution for traditional CNC manufacturer.

2. Ultrasonic vibration passed via module can prevent cutting scraps winding on the rotating tools,  reducing tool wear and the probabilities of breaking tools.

3. Intermittent ultrasonic vibration can interrupt the accumulation of cutting heat. Preventing the conditions of deterioration and surface hardening.

4. HIT Ultrasonic machining module equips CTS function which can effectively drip the coolant  straight to the tool edge.


SUS304 stainless steel is the extreme low-cost alloy which is commonly used in various industries. We could easily see them in our daily necessities, such as scissors and screws. In electrical industries,  304 stainless steel is applied to a wide range of components and machine parts. Due to its excellent properties of heat resistance and corrosion resistance and easily to be shaped, 304 stainless steel still occupies a firm stage in our life.
Though stainless steel has been considered easier to machine than ceramics or carbides.  For drilling feature , it still possesses difficulties, such as cutting removal and coolant is two important parts in drilling stainless steel.
We have validated SUS304 stainless steel drilling with our ultrasonic machining module and gain great improvement on it. Not only for shortening cycle time per hole, but prolongs the tool life in the same time. 
1. Cutting removal
While machining stainless steel, the common situation is that the stripped flake-like cutting scraps will wind on the high-rotating tools and increase cutting resistance. The tools which covered by cutting scraps are prone to break since the lack of sharpness.

2. Cutting heat accumulation
Metal is easily to scorch in processing, stainless steel isn’t the exception. Repeatedly cutting heat generation and cooling will cause deterioration and even change the surface color.

3. Short tool life
Tools burden excessive cutting force on its corner when drilling. And the conditions above make tools more fragile at the same time. Then short tool life will be the knotty problem that need to tackle.