Aerospace Inconel 939 deep hole drilling

1.Efficiency enhanced by 30% compared to non-ultrasonic 2.Prolongs toollife

Inconel 939 Deep hole drilling

   HIT Ultrasonic Inconel 939 deep drilling

HIT Inconel 939 deep hole drilling data matrix
Method HIT Non-Ultrasonic
Tool Holder
Side add-on ultrasonic
Material Inconel 939 Inconel 939
Coolant CTS(70 bar) CTS(70bar)
Rotating Speed(rpm) 12,000 12,000
Cutting speed(m/min) 37.68 37.68
Feed rate(mm/min) 240 180
Cutting depth(mm) 10 10
Cycle time(sec/hole)
4 5.3
Tool life(hole/per cutting tool) >2000 2000


Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Module
In the same condition, compared to non-ultrasonic
  • Drilling Efficiency  +26% 
  • Longer Tool Life





HIT Highlight and Comparison
Method HIT Ultrasonic Other Ultrasonic CNC
in Inconel drilling
Ultrasonic high frequency vibration 
Plug and play module type
CTS contain
Non-contact  power transmission 
Automation tracking system
Ultrasonic high frequency
Cheaper than  special purpose machine
Low Cost
Tool Life
  >2000 holes
Longer tool life 15% even more
No Valuation
      1000-2000 holes,
       even less
Efficiency             Increase 20-30%      No Valuation
Short tool life causes low production and quality

  • ​​Through ultrasonic dense and subtle vibrations, it could reduce the cutting heat and resist extra tool wear since the tool and martials aren’t contact with each other continuously.
  • In addition to ultrasonic high frequency vibration, HIT ultrasonic machining module contain CTS system which could help effective coolant in Inconel drilling procedure.
  • HIT ultrasonic machining module adopts Non-contact power transmission. Without consumables, it can be well-maintained in high rotation speed, which is necessary in Inconel drilling process.
  • There might be some wear on your tool while machining, our module can automatically track and maintain the most suitable resonance frequency with your tool, hence, it is no need to control manually. 
  • Combined conditions above, HIT ultrasonic machining module provides revolutionary improvements in Inconel drilling process , and it will be the most economic way in high precision drilling in the comparison with other ultrasonic machine and CNC machine.
It may be familiar for you when it comes to Inconel, a kind of tough nickel alloy.  The superior properties in temperature and pressure tolerance makes Inconel a ideal use in extreme environments such as aerospace and nuclear. On the other hand, the perfect toughness is incredibly hard to work with.
What could HIT ultrasonic machining module solve in Inconel machining? In this case, we took a try on Inconel drilling assisted with our module and have a successful achievements in longer tool life and  increasing efficiency to 30%.
The extreme toughness poses challenge to most of the machine and tool. And It would place extra wear and tear on tools through continuously contact while drilling in traditional CNC method. 
The bottleneck in Inconel drilling is not only tool life but also precision since the continuous pecking between materials and tools causes dislocations.