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What makes Quartz Glass difficult to machine?

Even small defects on the surface of quartz glass workpieces may have serious impact on its overall material strength.  Especially in quartz glass drilling, there will easily be serious subsurface damage with improper cutting force.  Another downside of machining quartz glass is that machining it produces great deal of powder and clogs the diamond cutting tools.  This not only affects the stability of tool life, but also severely damages the quality of the workpiece.

Quartz glass is considered to have relatively good machinability, it is a hard and brittle material.  The control of cutting force is important when machining quartz glass, since it may be easily chipped or cracked under excessive cutting force.  This usually results in a very time-consuming machining process, and leaves the processing manufacturers a huge headache when dealing with this material.

☑️ Quartz Machining Information

  Quartz Machining Information
  Material   Quartz glass
  Dimensions   Φ0.3 x 5.4mm
  [aspect ratio : 18]
  Methods   Deep micro-drilling
  Machine Tool   -
  Max. Spindle Speed   11,000 ~ 13,000 rpm
  Ultrasonic Tool Holder   HSKE40
  Integrated System   CTS; ATC; CNC Automation


Picture of finished Quartz Machining product


HIT Quartz Machining : Micro Drilling

Quartz Machining : Micro Drilling finished workpiece

Quartz Machining Engineer Table


Tool Holder







 Ø 0.3x L5.4mm(18X)


 Drill Bits Ø0.3xL5.4mm
 Pilot Drill Ø0.3xL5.4mm




Comparison of Cycle TIme in Quartz Machining

Quartz Machining : Micro Drilling-Comparison of Cycle TIme


Highlights of HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module in Quartz Machining

Follow the trend of quartz micro deep drilling and pursue for hi-efficiency performance,


  • Compared to the data provided by tool suppliers, enhancing 10 times of efficiency with HIT Ultrasonic Module. (200 sec/hole to 20sec/hole)

  • Compared to feedbacks from clients, enhancing 3 times of efficiency (60 sec/hole to 20 sec/hole)

  • Quality: No edge-cracks on the hall wall observed by sight, reaching clients' quality demands.

  • Good precision repeatability after drilling 300 holes.

To follow the demand of quartz micro deep hole, we validated and compared to tool suppliers’ and customers’ parameters. The feature, in this case, is Ø 0.3x L5.4mm(18X).

With the support of HIT Ultrasonic Module, the average cycle time has reduced significantly, and the efficiency has been enhanced 10 times and 3 times to the tool suppliers’ and customers’ results.  

Quartz Machining in Industry Application

Ultrasonic machining on quartz glass micro-drilling is often applied in the Optoelectronics industry and Semiconductor industry, especially for prisms, lenses, fiber optics, quartz lens for gyroscope, quartz ring, quartz wafer boat, quartz substrate lens board, etc.

Since quartz glass has a wide transparency range and superior light transmittance, this makes it an ideal material for multiple optical applications in optoelectronics industry.  Its material properties also gives it a wide range of applications in semiconductor industry.

Quartz glass has excellent electrical insulation property and is inert to attacks from all kinds of acids, even in very high concentrations, except for hydrofluoric acid.  The material has high compressive strength, but also displays high hardness and brittleness.  Defects on the surface may have a serious impact on its overall material strength.

That was when they came to HIT's Ultrasonic Machining Module!  We offer a comprehensive solution in machining these difficult-to-cut materials.  With the assistance of our Ultrasonic Machining Technology, the high-frequency micro-vibration displays the ability to control the cutting force in stable manner, decreasing the possibilities of severe subsurface damage and edge-crakcs.  Offering a better way to improve the machining process by effectively enhancing machining efficiency, stabilizing the tool life, and bettering the quality of workpieces.  We can assure our clients of matching up with their requirements or even achieving  better outcome!

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