HIT Exhibition | Ceramics Japan 2022

Ceramics Japan 2022 Exposition
-- Highly-functional Ceramic Exposition --

Come and Visit HIT in the Ceramics Japan 2022 Expo!!!

Osaka show
📅 Date : May 11 (Wed.) ~ 13 (Fri.), 2022
🗺️ Venue : INTEX Osaka, Japan

More Ceramics Japan 2022 Expo. information : https://www.ceramics-japan.jp/en-gb.html

As Japan's largest fine ceramics show, Ceramics Japan 2022 exposition starts its first show in Osaka, Japan today (May 11th)!  This grand exposition is held twice a year in Osaka and Tokyo respectively, gathering various kinds of highly-functional ceramics, materials, and equipments.  

HIT will be exhibiting at the Ceramics Japan 2022 exposition through the assistance of Dynamic Tools Corporation, which is HIT's Exclusive Agent in Japan.  Being part of the machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers industry, Dynamic Tools Corporation is a well-known Japanese distributor handling numerous machine tools-related sales around the globe.  

Dynamic Tools Corp. will be exhibiting HIT's Ultrasonic Machining Technology and products at the Ceramics Japan 2022 exposition.  Fine ceramics materials including silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and zirconium oxide, have great material properties but with high rigidity, which make them extremely difficult to machine.  HIT's Ultrasonic-assisted machining technology brings high-frequency and low-amplitude oscillation to the machining tools, allowing higher processing efficiency, better quality in workpieces, and more stable tool life.  

More information on fine ceramics application cases : 
📌 Sintered SiC Deep Hole Drilling
📌 CVD-SiC Part Machining
📌 SiC Connecting Part Machining
📌 Aluminum Oxide Crucible Machining
📌 Aluminum Oxide Parts Machining
📌 Aluminum Oxide High-efficiency Tapping Processing
📌 Aluminum Oxide Micro-drilling
📌 Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Back Plate Machining
📌 Hot Isostatic Pressing Zirconium Oxide Surface Grinding

Contact us if you are looking for a comprehensive solution in machining fine ceramics materials!

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